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    What is Concordancer ??
    Concordance is a Software for text analysis gives you better insight into electronic texts. A concordancer is a computer program that automatically constructs a concordance. The output of a concordancer may serve as input to a translation memory system for computer-assisted translation, or as an early step in machine translation.

    “What a blast to look at documents in a light never seen before!” – A scientist
    “It really has saved us days of work – possibly weeks”. – A psychologist
    “The doyen of concordance programs” – Tim Nott, Personal Computer World

    URL that i think is the most useful of concordance :

    • I think that with computer  sometimes I can become a better language learner. Firstly, with computer we can search for internet to find some useful materials for our assignments, there are so many websites and languages exercises that can be found. With this, I can learn more. Secondly, there are animations and colorful contents in language learning websites, it raise my interest to search more on it rather than facing books to learn language.
    • Somehow, I think there are disadvantages of computer language learning, usually I will login “Facebook” even though when i was rushing on assignments, this will cause the procrastination of me to finish my job. Besides that, I cannot own the online materials as printed materials even though sometimes we need to spend money on those printed materials but, when I have to print out online materials I think it’s also cost me a lot. =(

    • Well, I don’t think that blogging is an effective way to make me confidence in writing and publishing on my work , it cannot help me to brush up my writing skills too.At first, nobody will guide me like when I was in written communication subject, I will not know what are my mistakes , it can be grammar mistakes and mistakes of construction of sentences. And IF there are no people to post me a comment and correct my mistakes, I think somehow blogging is just wasting my time. Actually, in my perspective, blogging cannot helps in language learning because I had already been asked to create a blog for 3 times, and I feel so scared when I had been noticed to create another blog for this semester. Because I did not really enjoy blogging. Sometimes, I will feel so tension to start a post especially when I have lots of assignments on hand. And when I had no idea what I want to post, especially when I still haven’t read about that topic. Anyway, I always feel so satisfied with my own works.

    • Okay, even though I don’t like blogging for academic purposes but IF I have a chance to teach language one day by computer, I think “FORUM” is the best way. I always visit forum, lowyat,cari, jbtalks and I found that there is no forum is specific on discussion of languages. SO, I have chance I will try to create one. =) I think this is a better way for people to discuss about grammar, language learning websites, pronunciation, writing skills,and other languages skills. On the other hand, if I have to choose one language learning website,, this English page will be my choice.  First of all, all languages skills are inside, listening, grammar, vocabulary, conversation and etc. Then, there are so many lessons with different levels, we can try from the first level then until the highest level so that we can see more improvement.  Besides that, video clips will be posted in some lessons; this is useful for us especially for listening and conversation skills. This website has a lot of exercises which can lean us for our mistakes with explanation. This is a very useful website for everyone; you guys can try on it. ^^
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      heyyah……….ringkas n padat..hhehhehe

      • bohemianor 10:49 pm on April 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Nice blog u got in hereI could learn a thing or two from u,later…

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    Online Language Test 

    Post 5-  To find url of Online Language Test and state the advantages and disadvantages of the online Language Test.

    • Irene Chang 5:00 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      hey thr… i like the way u write ur posts… in powerpoint presentation way… nice n attractive…

      • chihiro89 5:44 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        thx you thx you. power point is easy to express, for me la. =)

        • hana 2:23 pm on March 22, 2010 Permalink

          This is so pretty! Great job hooi theng! 🙂

    • iona89 9:10 pm on March 22, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Seriously, I like the way that you present your postings. Is very attractive …

    • asha10 8:13 pm on March 26, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      I agree with iona….your postings are really nice and attractive……good job…..keep it up…:-)

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    • goodhassan 5:08 pm on April 1, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      wa…….interesting…make me wake up!hahaha

  • chihiro89 11:27 pm on March 9, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Online Literature Learning Websites 

    • nadyaeman 1:48 pm on March 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      hey there…what a nice job…well done girl…keep on…

    • kamilels 3:13 pm on March 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Nice blog Hooi Theng..however actually i don’t think online website can improve our English literature,because most of the contents are too simple.

      • chihiro89 2:01 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Hi Kamil, even though the contents are too simple, but it make students easy to understand what’s the story about. hehe. thx for your comment ya. =)

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    Earn MONEY by wordpress ? 

    This is cool right ? or … you are sweating . =.=
    Well, this is my 2nd advertisement, but this is a group project. Dr. wants us to think SOME BOMBASTIC words to sell our product.
    This is our LD bag advertisement!!! wahaha..



    • Aisyah Hashim 8:52 pm on March 16, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      of course u cannnnn..
      if u really have the bag laa..
      nice ad u got there!

      p/s: can i pay by installment every month? hehehe

      • chihiro89 2:02 pm on March 17, 2010 Permalink | Reply

        Opps, our “LD” is only rm39 ler. so no installment offer by us. haha.

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    Second Post- Netspeak By David Crystal 

    Netspeak is a brand new electronic medium of communication, global and interactive in character evidently related to English as a global language, with its own distinctive features in all of its varieties. Netspeak is considered to a relatively largely unexplored area, the brand new medium of communication which is closely related to the Internet, and dominant effect in everyday lives, and Netspeak is fast growing.

    David Crystal argues that Netspeak is a radically new linguistic medium. The nature of the impact which the Internet is making on the English Languages has not been thoroughly investigated. According to David Crystal, the term Netspeak serves as an alternative to terms such as Netlish, Weblish, Internet language, cyberspeak.  Netspeak Its name suggests speaking but remember that it actually involves writing primarily. He found that Netspeak is a new species of communication, he calls it metaphorically, an emerging language in part of speech and writing. The metaphor includes speech+writing+electronically, so Netspeak is a third medium of both speech and writing, combine with the properties electronic texts display.

    Features of Netspeak

    • These are the examples of how electronically produces language affects spoken language- Netspeak
      1. It’s my turn to download now. (Meaning: I’ve heard all your gossips,now here mine.”

    2. She’s multitasking. (Meaning: said of someone is doing two things at once)

    3. Let’s go offline for a few minutes. (Meaning: let’s talk in private.)

    4. Are you wired. (Meaning: Are you ready to handle this?)

    5. He’s living in hypertext. (Meaning: He’s got a lot to hide.)

    • Moreover, some of the special vocabulary used by programmers is now widely found in everyday speech, particular in handling electronic addresses. For example, most radio and TV presenters add addresses when informing their viewers and listeners about how to write in to a programme, using words such as “at, dot and forward” to punctuate their utterance.
    • In fact, “dotcom” has come to be used as an adjective without the period and hyphen. For example, We’re wealthy dotcomers with no children.
    • The e-prefix has been used in many expressions. For example,
      • e-tailers, symbol now the universal link between the recipient and address. ans and in advertising. e-therapy, e-management, e-government, e-books and etc

    These are all evident that it is not possible to say how many of these developments will become a permanent feature of the language, but language change can never be predicted. This is why Netspeak has begun to evolve which is rapidly becoming a part of popular linguistic consciousness, and evoking strong language attitudes. Netspeak can be considered an electric resource which include spoken and written features.

    Characteristic of Netspeak

    • Compounds- combining two words to make a new compound word, one element is found repeatedly, as in the following examples :
      • mousepad,mouseclick, one-click, freeware,wetware, netlag, netnews, hypernet, hotlink, hotlist, hotspot and etc.
    • Blends- where part of one word is joined to part of another.Blends are typically found in Netspeak as two words of a phrase with parts of both ordinarily the first part of the first and the last part of the other.
      Examples like : netiquette, netizen, infonet, cybercide, datagram, internaut.
    • Netspeak extensions- some otherwise straightforward lexical suffixes are often extended in ways, as in “winnitude, hackitude, geekitude, folderfull, windowfull, screenfull,bufferfull.
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms- they are quite frequently used. David Crystal argues that acronyms and abbreviations can be sentencekength . Examples like :
      • GTG (got to go), WDYS (What did you say?), THX (thanks).

    NETSPeak =fail ????????

    As a conclusion, Netspeak is a new brand of communicative options available to all of us. But, I think we should follow the original rules of a language, so that language decay will not happen in the future and the originality of a language will remain as well.

    • R.Vinothini 11:42 am on March 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply

      Hi Ting,
      You have done a great job. I suggest you to change your background colour to a brighter one because the current colour looks a bit dull. thank you..keep up your good work!

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    Week 7- 1st Post. Friendster vs Facebook 


    Friendster versus Facebook. Which is better ??

    What is Friendster ?
    Facebook is a social networking. The service allows users to contact other members, support those contacts and share online content with those contacts. The website is also used for dating new events, and hobbies. Users may share videos, photos, messages and comments with other member via their profile and their network. (

    What is Facebook ?
    Facebook is a social networking website that is operated and privately owned by Facebook. Users can add friends and send them messages, and update their personal profiles to notify friends about themselves. Additionally, users can join networks organized by city, workplace, and school or college.(

    What is social networking ?
    A social network is a social structure made of people called “nodes”, which are connected by one or more specific type of interdependency, such as friendship, kinship, financial exchange, dislike, or relationships of beliefs.(

    I have signed up and used Friendster for almost 5 years now. I was very pleased with this social site because it has surprised me in meeting my long-lost classmates and friends online. It has indeed a very helpful tool in linking to and with other people, both those you know and those you don’t.

    With that several years, I could somehow say that I know well friendster’s services and features. I have no complains about this social site except sometimes I had too many messages and requests to people who I don’t know and are just actually wanting to be friend with because they just want to increase their list of friends to hundreds or maybe thousands.

    Just last year, my friends told me about another social site called Facebook. Although I have heard about it for 2 years, I explained Friendster was just patterned to Facebook.At first, I thought Facebook has bad features. However, my brother told me he doesn’t have Friendster accounts, but he,his friends, my sisters rather use Facebook. I asked why and he told me, Facebook is better. He explained few points and reasoned more on the face that in Friendster, you have so many photos and pictures, sometimes even posted on main pages. There are lots of people can view it. But, when you’re in Facebook, you are social network limits only to your friends and your friends’ friends, and not to people who are not related to you at all.

    facebook’s profile


    Friendster’s profile

    To check and see the differences, I signed up for Facebook. These are the differences and similarities between them.


    • They both have friend updates.
    • Both of them allow us to upload photos and videos to share with friends.
    • We can give comments to friends. For example, we comments at Friendster, but we post wall at Facebook.
    • We can send smile to friends at friendster or send poke to friends at facebook.
    • We can connect with school, groups friends.
    • We can view fans profiles.
    • Friendster has shout out, facebook has “what am I doing now”. This is for us to post our feeling or action that you want your friends to know or to comment on it.
    • Friendster has bulletin boards, facebook has events and feed. So that we can post our activities in there to let our friends know and join.
    • They both have groups and discussion forums.

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    Week 6 

  • chihiro89 2:25 am on February 2, 2010 Permalink | Reply  

    Week 6 

    Reflect and discuss your own preferences and strategies when dealing with printed materials and digital materials.

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